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469666679Wenner Gas Company not only delivers propane for residential and commercial uses, our professional staff at Wenner Hardware in Cold Spring can safely and quickly refill your portable propane tank anytime during their normal business hours.  Having your tank filled at Wenner Hardware’s refill center saves you money because you only pay for the amount of propane you actually need.  Our Hardware store is also a one stop shop for all of your household needs.  So grab your tank and stop on by our store, we have fresh popcorn waiting for you!

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Propane Safety Tips

Important Propane Safety Information for You and Your Family

If you smell gas: 

1. NO FLAMES OR SPARKS.  Immediately put out all smoking materials and other open flames. Do not operate lights, appliances, telephones, or cell phones. Flames or sparks from these sources can trigger an explosion or a fire.

2. LEAVE THE AREA IMMEDIATELY.  Get everyone out of the building or area where you smell gas or suspect gas is leaking.

3. SHUT OFF THE GAS.  Turn off the main gas supply valve on your propane tank if it is safe to do so. To close the valve, turn it to the right (clockwise).

4. REPORT THE LEAK.  From a neighbor’s home or other nearby building away from the gas leak, call your propane retailer right away. If you can’t reach your propane retailer, call 911 or your local fire department.

5. DO NOT RETURN TO THE BUILDING OR AREA.  It is only safe to return to the area when your propane retailer, emergency responder, or qualified service technician determines that it is safe to do so.

6. GET YOUR SYSTEM CHECKED.  Before you attempt to use any of your propane appliances, your propane retailer or a qualified field service technician must check your entire system to ensure that it is leak-free.