Keep-Full Service and Other Options

At Wenner Gas Company we strive to make all of our services, including our billing process, as convenient as possible.  If you have any questions about your bill or about our options, give us a call at our office and ask for Maxine. She is ready and able to answer any question you may have!

Keep-Full Service

Wenner Gas Company’s convenient Keep-Full Service helps customers ensure they never run out of propane, especially during the winter heating season. This service is offered at no extra charge to our customers and ensures you absolute peace of mind. If you are on automatic route delivery, Wenner Gas will know when to fill your tank(s). We monitor weather conditions and your usage history, and refill your tank accordingly.

If you don’t choose the Keep-Full Service, we recommend that you call us before your gauge indicates your tank is 20 percent full.  That will allow enough time for our delivery person to get there well before you run out of fuel.

Pre-buy and budget Programs

What is pre-buy?

Propane is a commodity that is traded on the floor of the stock exchange.  Almost every year, when the inventories are building in the summer, the price of propane goes down.  We don’t have a crystal ball that tells us when or what the lowest price of the season will be, so we don’t contract the whole years supply all at once.   We buy contracts throughout the year and then offer this propane to our customers.  To lock in the price of gas you simply pay cash in advance.

When should I pre-buy?

We buy contracts from gas producers and traders in the United States and in Canada when we think the price is reasonable.  When these contracts are sold out, we either have to buy another, or go to the spot market (the posted terminal price).  Traditionally, the best time to pre-buy propane is in July and August.  That is when the demand is low and the inventories across North America are building.  If simple supply and demand economics holds true, the price should be at the lowest level of the season.

How much should I buy?

You don’t have to pre-buy any propane. However, in a given year, the price per gallon has been known to more than triple from what you would pay in advance in the summer. Some years the price changes very little. We recommend you pre-buy the gas that would be delivered to you during December, January, and February- the colder winter months. History shows that the price is higher because the demand is high and the inventories are being drawn down.

What is a Budget Plan?

If you want to spread the cost of propane service over the course of a year, we offer a budget payment plan.  You can sit down with us in our office and we will determine together what you will need to pay per month.  Budget plans begin in July and are paid on a monthly basis.

For more information about any of our convenience programs, call us at 320-685-8673.